Monday, December 19, 2011

This is the first time for Kagay-anons to experience a strong flash flood.  Many people are devastated and are in dire need of help.  Please share your blessings for this Christmas season to help my fellow Kagay-anons.  You will surely blessed a thousand folds.  Thank you for everyone who drop off their donations at Xavier University Cagayan de Oro School.  Also, for the people who shared their time by helping out the relief operations.

#HELPCDO Paypal Donations are now accepted.  Click on the GIVE LOVE on #Sendong Victims at the right portion of this blog to go directly to the CDOBloggers Paypal account.
Please send to Paypal account: through Cagayan De Oro Bloggers.  Rest assured that the proceeds will be donated and delivered to the victims of the flash floods.

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  1. Perfect information! I have been searching for something similar to this for a time long time these days. With thanks! On the other hand, I’m glad to share this helpful info on how to help the people in CDO and Iligan. LBC Accepts Donations for CDO Iligan Victims Let us share this helpful information.

  2. Thank you! Yes, LBC accepts donations if only it is named after their foundation. Let us continue to share information to help those flood victims.

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  4. [...] Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), in support of its Philippines associate’s relief efforts for Typhoon Sendong victims, is pledging 500,000 Philippine Pesos to Globe Telecom’s corporate social responsibility [...]


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