Tuesday, November 26, 2013

... to be by my side.

I recently heard this song through a link shared on my Facebook wall. Ever since that fated day, I don't really watch proposal or wedding videos of some sort. If you're my friend, you'll know why. But I got curious with this video shared by a friend on his facebook timeline.

The video is about a guy who go through different proposals for his girlfriend. And when you get to see what the guy is doing, you might want to wish that someone will do those things to you too (just like me!). What I like about the video is that the guy did those various ways to propose to his girl (just like other videos you see on YT). It was fun watching the guy doing everything that he can just to send the message across to the girl. But what I love most is that he included his and her girlfriend's family  in the proposal he made. Pure sweetness! 

This is the description of the video on YouTube:
On April 13th I proposed to my girlfriend Emily at the restaurant where we had our first date. I told her I was running late, had the restaurant opened just for her, and set up hidden cameras all around her. When she sat down at the table, there was a TV in front of her set to take her on a journey that would lead to the proposal of a lifetime. This is what happened...
The video:

I had fun watching! Did you? :D

And the song (in the last part) played in the video is what I've been listening to YouTube for days now. The lyrics touch my heart. Oh, how I wish... I'm just wishful thinking here (so much for a hopeless romantic).

Here goes the song:

It is a lyric video so there is no need for me to post the lyrics. :)

What do you think of the song? Please leave a comment if you like it!



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